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My passion behind Wellness Coaching is a deep desire to empower and support individuals in achieving  their long-term goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, disease prevention, sports nutrition, or fitness training, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan for nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation they can follow for the attainment of their goals.

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        As a health coach/life coach/nutrition coach for over 20 years, I have been aiding health-minded individuals in discovering and creating their best selves in all areas of life. Always on a quest for what will work for my clients, I am on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition through constant education.

Padme Grace Wellness Coaching caters to each individual's unique circumstances. Whether it is weight loss or weight management, managing a dietary condition, or developing a healthy relationship with food, I offer a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.

In the wellness space there is confusion and misinformation. Having a Wellness Coach who has been down this path can guide you to what is right for your body and lifestyle. As a wellness health and lifestyle coach, I provide tools and tactics to improve your nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation.

~ Your Wellness Coach ~ Padme Grace ~

 I do not diagnose or treat illnesses, diseases, prescribe medications, give medical advice, or perform functions of a medical professional outside of the scope that I am allowed by law. Always consult your doctor for medical issues. 

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Personal Training

1 hour session $110

4 hour package $275

30 min session $75

8-30 min pkg $312



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One-on-one 4 sessions per month $275


One time session $110


“Padme changed my life! She is an amazing life and wellness coach! I went to her when I was going through life transitions, new husband, jobs, and health goals. I was OVERWHELMED! She helped me focus with goal setting and de-stress tools. My health is better than ever thanks to her vast knowledge. Highly recommend.” M.J.

“Thank you for the incredible job you did in helping me with my weight loss and lifestyle change. I was very impressed with your qualifications, but you far exceeded my expectations with your approach in person. It is still incredible to me how successful we were in such a short period of time by focusing on using my personal strengths to accomplish my goals. I appreciated all of the tools you taught me. I will certainly use your services again when I need a life coach in any capacity.” Anonymous

“In just a few short months of working with Padme, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Padme’s unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional.” J.F.

“Padme is an exceptional health coach. She is a joy to work with due to her professional manner, exceptional communication skills and knowledge about wellness. I highly recommend her especially if you are looking for a fresh look at wellness” B.A.

“Working with Padme, even in my first session, helped me more than any other professional I’ve spent time with. She heard my issues, asked penetrating questions so we were both on the same page and was then able to give me new and very clear insights. In each session, we have been able to make breakthroughs. I have learned healthy ways to handle stressful situations. Coaching with Padme has also helped me reawaken my creativity and artistic senses.” E.S.


“Padme taught me how to establish and maintain my daily routine of self-care. I learned from her that until I take of myself, I can’t take care of others and achieve my goals. As a result of her coaching, I was able to get my career and personal life back on track. She didn’t just tell me what to do; instead, she gave me the tools that work for me. Padme helped me help myself and I am incredibly grateful to her for the positive changes in my life. My successes are a direct result of her professional coaching skills and expertise. Padme’s approach is compassionate and yields results.” Sarah


“You are a Kick-Butt personal trainer! Padme has extensive knowledge not just to get you to sweat but how to get the most from your workout, correcting poor movement patterns, learn breath work, and improve flexibility. Not your usual personal trainer! Thank you for training my family.” 

My Keto Sensei Padme Grace


Padme Grace

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