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Dave Davis Testimonial - 3.4.2018


Padme introduced me to the Keto diet around Thanksgiving 2017. I had never heard of Keto and was mildly interested to try it. After 60 years of practicing unhealthy eating habits, interspersed with multiple diets, I had resigned myself to being obese. I have known Padme for over 10 years and have been interested in her nutritional coaching and personal trainer experiences, but because I live far away, was not able to access her guidance. Because I respected the coaching experience of Padme, I made the decision to begin my journey with the nutritional ketogenic diet. When I started the Keto lifestyle on December 4, 2017, I weighed 285 pounds and was on eight (8) prescriptions for diabetes, hypertension, depression, and more. Padme gave me basic guidelines to get started and it seemed easier than I had expected! As the days progressed, I discovered that I felt better, had more energy, and my weight was dropping. As I grew more familiar with the Keto way of eating and lifestyle, Padme led me in learning more about the many health benefits associated with this way of life.

One of the many things I appreciate about Padme, as a Keto coach, is her vast knowledge of health and fitness. Her many years of experience provide insight on what I, as an individual, am experiencing and what will help me in the next steps. She creates a custom plan for each client while guiding her clients to make food and lifestyle changes that meet their personal needs. After six months of lifestyle change with Keto, I am able to try different foods, have developed new eating patterns, have learned which activities affect my body, and began to understand which eating habits are most beneficial for me. I am able to report the findings to Padme and get encouragement to continue on this journey to successful lifestyle management.

I am happy to report that after five months, I am no longer taking the eight medications I was on in December 2017! My A1c is down from  6.8 (on 2 medications) to 4.9 (with no medications), my hypertension is under control; and depression is no longer dragging me down. I rest without sleeping pills and I have lost 68 pounds! My current weight is 217 pounds. This is the lowest weight I have achieved since I was 21 years old. Now I am working toward meeting other weight loss and health-related goals.

For me, this is a sustainable way of life, and I am committed to continuing a lifetime of ketogenic nutrition. I am genuinely thankful to Padme for sharing keto with me; it has improved my life and health immensely.

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